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Guns in the Home: Firearm Concealment Devices

Gun safes are the most secure options for firearm storage, reducing the access unwanted hands may have for your guns with layers of steel and various locking mechanisms (digital keypad, combination, fingerprints, or a combination). However, those of us without little ones in the home have an additional option when considering how to stow our firearms: concealment.

Disclaimer: The Arms Guide is not a source of legal counsel. If you have any questions about the regulations for firearms storage in your home, speak to a legal professional.

In a similar vein as the diversion range bags we’ve mentioned previously, there are a host of clever options for “gun lockers” that provide homeowners with easy access to their self defense firearms concealed as unassuming household furniture elements. Using concealed storage can be as simple as a locked drawer in your kitchen cabinets to complex moving shelving units, as displayed in the video above.

Hollowed-out books, storage benches, clocks, or in-wall safes are only some of the pre-fabricated and custom-built solutions that you can utilize. Some of these firearm concealment devices, such as the hollowed out book, or secret compartments within home furniture pieces, can even lend themselves as projects for creative ‘do-it-yourselfers.’

What firearm concealment devices would you consider for your home?

Featured image features QLine Design’s NightGuard nightstand. Image courtesy of

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  • Muskrat

    My concern with the video is in the event of fire. That is a load of gear to try to save!

  • Fiero11

    Outstanding…one of the best ideas I’ve seen that can be used in any environment; house or apartment. Very inconspicuous.

  • EricKmiecik

    Very interesting article, video and solution. I’m happy to see you’re writing more frequently to TAG again. I really like your articles.

  • Javier C

    Excellent concept.  This is like a huge Chinese puzzle box.  Makes lots of sense, since burglars are looking for quickly appropriated items that can be stuffed into a pillow case and removed in minutes.  Will check out the QLine website and see if they also have ideas for vehicle concealment items.

  • drmorris9

    I have seen this, or a very similar cabinet with various locking options, witch may be appropriate with kids.  It is a great option and further lessens the possibility of theft, but I do not imagine it would provide the same fire protection as a good safe.  Also, I carry at home.  You can’t have it closer or safer then on your person.

  • drmorris9

    Yeah, that was the one.  They offer hidden key locks, magnetic locks, and electronic RFID locks.

  • ThorDeSchane

    Good article. I would only change the part where you advise people to ask police for legal advice. I would not consider the average cop a reliable source. Better to speak to an attorney.

  • ThorDeSchane

    Good article. I would only change the part where you advise people to ask police for legal advice. I would not consider the average cop a reliable source. Better to speak to an attorney.

  • Markknife1

    I don’t get too many visitors at home so I keep the concealment methods simple but effective. the “Out of sight, out of mind” thing. I make sure that only those curious enough to look for the weapons, actually find them. (^.^)

  • Ed Swaner

    As a furniture builder, that has given me a boat load of good ideas.

  • Muskrat Haha it sure would be o.0

  • Fiero11 I like the idea of having access to self defense tools in more than one room in my home.

  • EricKmiecik My pleasure :] The way it’s working out at the moment, I’ll have a post of my own up 2-3 times per week, minimum.

  • Javier C I’ve seen other solutions, but I thought QLine had a number of clever options.

  • drmorris9 I carry at home, too :]

  • An attorney would certainly be a better legal reference than myself. lol

  • Markknife1 Hey, whatever works for you, right? :]

  • Ed Swaner Awesome! I’m happy to have provided some inspiration for your work.

  • RetiredPD

    A police training/range officer would provide excellent information for FREE and I believe an attorney would provide the same information for a hefty fee.

  • QLine Design

    Thanks!  We have tons of new high-end custom furniture designs with hidden compartments, so visit or revisit the website at  if interested.

  • QLine

    Thanks for the great write up. We have many more designs on our website at Everything is custom made, so we can incorporate any idea you have into your piece.

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