About Us

About Us

The Arms Guide the aims to provide the highest quality gun and gear reviews. We are normal law abiding people that have a love for firearms. We promise to do and give our best in reviewing every item we list on the website. We are strong second amendment supporters and we may register our opinion on any gun related issue.

Who We Are

The Arms Guide is the place to learn about firearms and get the latest news from the gun community. The Arms Guide is staffed with professional writers with editorial support from our team of world-class industry experts. We love providing readers with reality-based feedback on the products we all use, want, and need.

Our People




    Chris has over 30 years experience as a writer in various technical fields including firearms, automotive, engineering, and biotech. He is thrilled to bring his knowledge to The Arms Guide to help the novice and first time gun owner make educated choices.




    James is a competitive shooter with multiple championship titles. He follows in this father’s footsteps and fondly recalls clay shooting with him at the age of 8. When he’s not at the range, you can find him with his own 3 sons usually somewhere outdoors enjoying nature. James looks forward to bringing more instructional content to The Arms Guide to help the general public improve their skills.

  • MATT



    Matt is a multiple war veteran with a wealth of knowledge in combat and defensive shooting tactics. He enjoys building his personal firearms collection and looks forward to introducing new product reviews to The Arms Guide audience.




    Kevin is an avid hunter and military history enthusiast. He participates in WWII reenactments every year and boasts a large antique firearms collection. The Winchester 1873 and Colt M1911 are two of his favorites. Kevin enjoys researching the best products on the market to keep The Arms Guide reader up to date and informed.

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