Published on June 14th, 2016 | by Nate Schultz (nsz85)

Customizing Your Ruger 10-22

It is easy to understand why the Ruger 10-22 is one of the most popular .22 caliber semi-automatic rifles in the United States. The 10-22 is affordable (you can find them for under $200 some places), dependable and, best of all, it is fully customizable. The options are seemingly endless.

Custom Ruger 10-22 -

This is what my original Ruger 10-22 looked like right out of the box.

In the video above, you can watch me turn my “out of the box” 10-22 into almost a completely different rifle in a matter of minutes. Upon doing some research and brainstorming, I decided that I wanted a .920” diameter bull barrel, a scope, a two stage trigger, a new stock, and a bi-pod. This would allow me to achieve greater accuracy but still have the ability to carry it around in the woods for some highly accurate squirrel hunting.

The only components I am still currently using from the original 10-22 rifle are the bolt and receiver. Some people have asked me why I didn’t just purchase a stripped 10-22 rifle receiver, considering how many modifications I planned to make. I have a few reasons. For starters, Ruger does not currently sell stripped 10-22 receivers. Any stripped 10-22 receiver I’ve found in the current market is often the same price—or more—than a complete 10-22 rifle. So, I figured that if I could get a complete 10-22 rifle for the same price as a stripped receiver, why not just keep the unused components to sell or hold onto for extra parts?

Here is the list of upgraded items that I used on my Ruger 10-22 build:

Custom Ruger 10-22 -

The Harris bi-pod I installed helps a lot with stability and overall accuracy of my 10-22.

KIDD stainless match bull barrel
KIDD 2 stage trigger with extended magazine release
KIDD bolt recoil buffer
Boyd’s thumbhole stock
BSA Sweet 22 scope
Harris bipod

Custom Ruger 10-22 -

This was one of my first groupings when I zeroed my custom 10-22 in at the range.

After installing all of these components and upgrades, I was quite impressed with the results that I saw on the target. You can see these results for yourself in my 10-22 rifle zeroing video here. I should also mention that I am not the only one that can shoot my 10-22 so well. Click here to watch Destinee snipe some paper with it.

Tell me, how would you customize or upgrade a Ruger 10-22?

About the Author

Nate Schultz is employed within the field of Law Enforcement, is an avid shooter, firearms enthusiast and hobbiest gunsmith. When he is not writing for The Arms Guide, he is producing content for his YouTube channel:

  • Muskrat

    The only things I’ve done to mine is install a Ramline extended mag. release and a Redfield 3-9×40 scope. I’d like to replace the trigger and add a bolt hold open.

  • Jake75

    I don’t have a Ruger 10-22, I have a Mossberg 702. I put a tri-rail on the barrel, on the bottom rail I put a grip, and on the side a sling mount. Then I put the bottom butt-plate screw through a AR-15 sling mount and put on my sling. I have a scope on it too.

  • Muskrat

    Jake75 My wife has a Mossberg 702. She loves it! It’s bone stock and a great deal for the money.

  • Jake75

    Muskrat  I got it because of the 21 inch, stainless, free-floating barrel.

  • brentkauser

    I have a vintage late 60’s 10-22 and a stainless take-down. The old one is bone stock and cherry, I do not want change a thing on it. The take-down has a nice scope, a bi-pod and sling swivels, it’s enough for me.
    Now my 13 year old Son is another story, he really wants to mod his late 80’s 10-22 that his Grandpa gave him. I want him to leave it alone, I  have offered to buy him a nice used one or a plain Jane new one for Christmas that he can dress up. He thanks you for the ideas.
    Nice videos.

  • AlessioBaldi

    I don’t have a 10/22, but I made a friend of mine buy one. It is a superb gun. The model I made him buy was the 10/22 Target, with the laminate stock and the bull barrel. To be honest, the only thing that I’d change is the trigger. It’s too heavy and too dirt. Obviously we mounted a scope.

  • Muskrat

    Jake75 Good choice. My wife has the plain blued finish.

  • BamaG

    Looks like you made some great choices! I found a 10/22 in a local pawn shop for less than $150 a while back. I’m keeping it stock, except for the mag release, and plan on teaching my kids to shoot on it. You post has made me think I might make it a project that I can work on alongside the kids at some point in the future. Nice post!

  • JunkfoodZombie

    Have had one in my family for thirty years or so. Great little rifles out of the box.

  • Allwet

    My 10/22 started as as the “deluxe” with decent wood….stock was stripped/stained and oiled; and the barrel channel opened up to accept full length bedding compound(action “floats”) and  1″ Shilen Match Barrel, fluted, cut to 22″, 10 degree crown.A 2 stage trigger group was in the works, but a bit of polishing ….and I was happy, and that new trigger went away.Topped with low rise mounts and a 4×12 Leupold, it’ll do crazy things when I’m “on”. It eats more ammunition then any other rifle I got ‘cepting the AR’s.
    The cost of getting one “dimed in”-meaning dime sized grouping at 100yds, is probably less then any other rifle out there.Nothing better to get the kiddies into the game;)!You will not be sorry….

  • Being able to customize the heck out of a 10/22 is definitely part of its draw for me :]

  • CG59

    Christmas present for Probie-

    basic black unit dropped into flat earth Tapco stock- really like the SAW grip, added Mil-Tech sites, extended mag release and bolt buffer, black Tapco rail covers, and removable sling swivel which also accommodates bipod, even with my old eyes I was able to produce dime-sized groups at 25yds. This configuration is also perfect for the Appleseed ‘Liberty Training Rifle’.

  • CG59

    Also added Ruger BX-25 mag

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