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Published on November 7th, 2013 | by James Ogletree


ATI Talon Shotgun Stock (inc. Scorpion Butt Pad) Review

A few months ago, I had a pretty serious car accident that left me with a back and neck injury. What it means for me today is that I have trouble shooting shotguns I never had before. However, I didn’t want to let this stop me from enjoying my newly purchased Mossberg 500. I started researching mods for my shotgun that would make it more comfortable for me to shoot, even with my injuries. That research brought me to ATI.

ATI's Scorpion X2 butt pad.

ATI’s Scorpion X2 butt pad. Image courtesy of

I wanted a pistol grip for my Mossberg, and needed a little extra comfort to shoot like I did before my accident, so ATI’s Talon shotgun stock and Scorpion butt pad especially caught my eye. So, I gave them a call. I spoke with a representative named Jon and told him about my particular interest in their new X2 Scorpion butt pad. He was gracious enough to send out the whole Talon stock with the Scorpion butt pad for me to keep.


To install the ATI Talon on my Mossberg, I needed a few basic tools:

  • a set of Allen keys/hex wrenches
  • 3/8 inch ratchet
  • 6 inch extension
  • a set of sockets (cannot remember the size to save my life right now, and my dog decided to eat the instructions)

I found the install of the new ATI Talon stock a bit more trickier than some of the older stocks that sell for the Mossberg 500 tactical, but after reading the instructions and using the right tools, it only took a couple minutes from start to finish.

Range Performance

above is a photo of the drop tests performed by ATI to show how much the butt pad absorbs recoil.

This is ATI’s drop test comparison for their butt pads for recoil absorption. Image courtesy of

I took out my Mossberg 500 field gun, and my new Mossberg 500 with the ATI Talon stock and Scorpion butt pad, and went to the range to go shoot some heavy recoil loads. When shooting 3 inch magnum loads out of the Field 500, the recoil would cause the forward grip to come out of my hand, and push me back a good bit. With my injuries, I could only shoot 4 rounds before needing to give my back a rest. When I used the Mossberg 500 with the new ATI Talon stock, and Scorpion X2 butt pad, I shot the same 3 inch magnum loads, and it felt as though I was shooting low recoil 2 3/4 inch 00 buck. The punch of the recoil felt like a hard push, but not violent, as was my experience shooting the Mossberg 500 without the ATI stock. The difference was remarkable. When I shot the Federal 2 3/4 inch 00 Buck low recoil loads (same as used by local police), it felt as though I was shooting bird shot. The perceived recoil was minimal. In fact, it was a pleasure to shoot. After a range day on the Mossberg with the new ATI stock, my back didn’t hurt, and I didn’t have the big bruise on my shoulder that normally occurs after a day of shotgun shooting.

Pros and Cons


here is a photo of the receiver mounting adapter where a single screw secures the stock to the receiver, which is to the left of the larger screw

This is the receiver mounting adapter. Note where a single screw secures the stock to the receiver (left of the larger screw). Image courtesy of

The only real issues I had with the ATI Talon stock have to do with installation.

  • The mounting adapters that attach to the receiver are connected to the stock with only one screw.

I prefer two screws to ensure a tighter, more secure fit, and to help balance the tension on the mounting adapters.

  • The screw that attaches the mounting adapter to the stock was short and took time to correctly position during installation.

A retaining clip would have made the installation process a bit easier (and quicker) so that the short mounting screw wasn’t prone to falling out while I was trying to line it up with its matching nut.



The recoil absorption design for the ATI Talon’s pistol grip. Image courtesy of

  •  The Talon’s pistol grip is comfortably ergonomic.

The pistol grip improves perceived recoil both in its padding, but also in the angle of the design. The grip felt more natural to me than the stock grip that comes on the Mossberg 500 Tactical shotgun. In comparison, with the original stock, I noted discomfort in my wrist after only a few rounds of 3inch 00 buck.

  • The ATI Talon fits well, and features a cheek riser.

The key components of the stock are constructed with military grade type III anodized 6061 aluminum, so it is sturdy. It also fits the receiver well and shoulders comfortably. I especially appreciate the cheek riser when shooting with optics.


The price of the Talon Stock is $109.99 and the Scorpion x2 butt pad is $24.99, which is competitive with the current market for comparable components.

Final Thoughts

I am impressed with the advances ATI has made with their stocks over the past few years. Their Talon stock with the Scorpion X2 butt pad brought back the enjoyment of shooting my shotguns that I thought I’d lost forever. Especially for someone with injuries like mine, the ATI Talon stock and Scorpion X2 butt pad are well worth the cost. The performance in the ergonomics and recoil absorption improved what was a painful experience into a fun one. The only problem is, now I want to put ATI Talons on all of my shotguns.

Featured image courtesy of

  • EricKmiecik

    Great article. I’m sorry for your accident.

  • Muskrat

    Glad it worked well for you!

  • I’ve been in the market for a shotgun stock for a while… ATI is looking like a better option all the time :]

  • drmorris9

    So how do you like the safety arrangement on that rig?  I generally prefer the Mossberg tang safety, but not so much with a pistol grip.

  • JimmyOgletree

    EricKmiecik thanks, and crap happens, that is why they make toilet paper, wipe it up and move on lol

  • JimmyOgletree

    Muskrat I was very surprised, don’t think it is enough to pull off the Magpul SGA stock off of my Remington 870

  • JimmyOgletree

    drmorris9 the safety was a bug to get to, I like the pistol grip stock on a shotgun that has a safety in the trigger guard area like the Remington 870, and with the 500 having the receiver mounted safety, there was zero ergonomics about getting to it

  • JimmyOgletree

    FateofDestinee if you have a Remington 870 I cannot say enough about the Magpul SGA stocks, by far the most agronomical non pistol grip stock I have used on an 870, but the ATI is a great option for a Mossberg

  • JimmyOgletree FateofDestinee Thanks for the reference. I’ll look into that as well. More than anything, I need something adjustable… to fit someone with normal reach as well as my stubby t-rex arms lol

  • JimmyOgletree

    FateofDestinee JimmyOgletree both are adjustable, the magpul stock is a little more stable with the stock extended as it uses shims to adjust the length of pul, ATI is faster, besides, you aren’t the only one with T-Rex arms lol, oh if you ever have a rough day, think of a Trex trying to make up a bed

  • SSC_Grayrider

    I have had this arrangement on my Mossberg 500 for about 6 months now. I too found the difference in recoil amazing. I also like their pistol grip because it feels like I can easily pull the stock tight to my shoulder. I highly recommend this stock to anyone especially those with a Mossberg.

  • JunkfoodZombie

    Thanks for the write up. Sorry to hear about your injuries. Feel better buddy.

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