Gear Talon Tool Lug AR-15 Scraper -

Published on October 12th, 2013 | by Nate Schultz (nsz85)


Talon Tool AR-15/M-16 Lug Scraper – Full Review

Talon Tool Lug AR-15 Scraper -

The Talon Tool can be folded into its handle for storage when not in use.

Several weeks ago, I discovered the Talon Tool from Tactical Tolerance. This tool was specifically designed for cleaning behind the locking lugs in the barrel extension of an AR-15 or M-16. I suppose it is personal preference, but when I clean or service my firearms, I always try and get them as clean as possible (mostly because I always enjoy cleaning my firearms). Anyone who has attempted to clean behind the locking lugs of an AR-15 before would probably admit that it is not always an easy task. It is doable, but not easy. Using the Talon Tool made the process for me not only easier, but faster as well.


Using the Talon Tool to assist in cleaning an AR-15 requires only the removal of the bolt carrier group (BCG) and the charging handle from the upper receiver. Once these components have been removed, the Talon Tool can be unfolded from its handle (which is where it can be conveniently stored when not in use) and inserted it into the upper receiver and barrel extension just as if it was the BCG.

Talon Tool Lug AR-15 Scraper -

This image shows how the Talon Tool is placed into the AR-15 upper receiver.

With the cleaning end of the Talon Tool inside the barrel extension, a portion of the handle will be protruding from the rear of the upper receiver. Cleaning the locking lugs is done by pressing slightly upwards on the shaft of the Talon Tool (like bending a guitar string) and lightly pulling rearward while rotating the handle. Placing upward pressure on the shaft of the Talon Tool will keep it slightly off center so it will not pop out from in between the locking lugs when rotating.

Every time a complete rotation of the handle is made, the Talon Tool’s “talons”, or lug scrapers, will have cleaned behind each locking lug approximately eight times. While the excess carbon is gently scraped away, the debris is actually captured within the grooves of the lug scrapers. I thought that having the carbon trapped while I scraped it off was pretty slick.

Additional features

  • The Talon Tool’s threaded tip: After I’ve complete a few turns and successfully cleaned the back of my locking lugs, I remove the Talon Tool and screw on an AR-15 chamber brush. Rotating the chamber brush was easier for me when on the Talon Tool because the handle doesn’t spin like the handles on the other cleaning rods I own.
Talon Tool Lug AR-15 Scraper -

I use the threaded tip on the Talon Tool to attach my AR-15 chamber brush.

  • The tool head on the Talon Tool is made from 400 series stainless steel. This means that the “talons” are brittle enough to break under pressure instead of bending. Tactical Tolerance designed them this way so the Talon Tool will not get stuck in the chamber from pieces being bent.
  • Every Talon Tool is made in the U.S.A.

Final thoughts

My former method of cleaning my AR-15’s locking lugs was to use a dental pick, and it was time consuming. I am indeed able to clean my AR-15’s locking lugs quicker and easier when using the Talon Tool. I appreciate that the handle doubles as storage for the rest of the tool because it makes it compact and allows me to pack it away in my range bag without taking up too much space. To sum it up, the Talon Tool does what it was designed to do and I find that using this tool is as easy as “in, spin and done”.

The Talon Tool is available for close to $40.00 (+shipping) from Tactical Tolerance and is guaranteed for life.

About the Author

Nate Schultz is employed within the field of Law Enforcement, is an avid shooter, firearms enthusiast and hobbiest gunsmith. When he is not writing for The Arms Guide, he is producing content for his YouTube channel:

  • JunkfoodZombie

    Anything that makes cleaning the locking lugs on an AR easier is thumbs up in my book!

  • I agree 100%!

  • gpthomas10

    Same here! I wish I had a tool like this when I served in the military, I could have saved my self around 650 push ups!

  • How convenient. I never would have known this kind of thing existed hadn’t you written about it :]

  • azmole

    great tool. great company. but doesn’t work on a Sig Saur E400 AR15 (per manufacturer). there is an extra rivet in there somewhere that prevents it from turning.  they offered a refund but I sold it to a friend instead.

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