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Active CCW Options – Pistol Wear Holster

Active CCW Options - Pistol Wear Holster -

The Pistol Wear PT-One Holster – Image courtesy of

As a runner, the Pistol Wear holster caught my eye while I was at SHOT Show 2013. Concealing can already be somewhat of a challenge as a young adult female (our fashions aren’t exactly known for being practical – case in point: skinny jeans).

Clothing that is comfortable to work out in has only added to that challenge. Up until this point, I simply hadn’t found a way to effectively carry my concealed pistol (and permit with ID) when I ran. Not surprisingly, the activity is too much to keep a CCW handgun in place with the fabric holsters I’ve tried. And, not wearing a belt prevents effectively using IWB holsters that rely on belt clips, such as my Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe (my go-to holster for most days).

The Pistol Wear holster meets that combination of specific characteristics that fitness enthusiast concealed carriers, like myself, require from an active wear holster. The fabric is a laminated material that is comfortable against the skin, but also has a perspiration barrier to protect the firearm it holds from sweat. The wearer can adjust the holster through its large velcro strap, but it also has snaps for easy removal.

In particular, the PT-2 Pistol Wear holster is an option that females might prefer, in part because of its smaller size, but also due to its multiple carry position functionality. The PT-2 is ambidextrous, and allows for rear or front carry, as required by the wearer.

An attractive element to the Pistol Wear holster variants is in their functionality for activewear carry, but also in their price: they can be acquired for about $40. How do you think a holster like the Pistol Wear holster would work for your active wear needs?

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  • Muskrat

    Great post Destinee. Like the slow jog, I might be able to keep up that pace! The holster line looks great, anything that encourages constant carry is a good thing.

    • FateofDestinee

      @Muskrat I may be a runner, but I’m not a *fast* runner… lol Seriously, though, I am very curious to see if these holsters perform as advertised.

  • peter3101

    Looks like a decent set up, I always wonder about drawing your weapon in these rigs, they always look good on the table but how quick can you deploy. I seen the flash bang and they demonstrate it actually being used and it looks quick, but not sure about these other types of rigs. Have you gotten one whats the female feed back.

    • FateofDestinee

      @peter3101 I’m looking to try one out, but haven’t yet had the chance. When I get a hold of one, though, I’ll have a full review here.

      • peter3101

        @FateofDestinee It will be interesting I think they might be okay for normal use but I suspect they will prove uncomfortable for runners.

  • JoeFabeetz

    When I first saw this video it reminded me that I have a back support brace made primarily neoprene and Velcro.  It has a built in pocket for some reason so I tested it out with one of my smaller semi autos.  Based on that unscientific test, I think this could actually be of some benefit while running. 
    Nice bionic woman impersonation at the end there.  🙂

    • FateofDestinee

      @JoeFabeetz haha thank you. I’m definitely looking forward to testing one of these holsters, myself.

  • sej291

    I was searching for holsters for running and cycling and found these.   I would get a the Pistol Wear PT-2 for running or cycling (hard not to print in cycling clothes!).  I like how it rides higher on the body than a hydration belt and if you don’t cover it, you can’t tell what it really is– stick a hydration hose in there and it looks like a crazy new bladder system.

    • FateofDestinee

      @sej291 I never considered that… What a clever idea!

  • JoeFabeetz

    There’s  shenanigans going on in the tree house.

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