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Road Rage and Guns

Last week, when a brazen speeder flew through a residential area in Norfolk, Virginia, two men flagged him down, telling him there were children around. In response, the indignant driver pulled a U-turn, and left his car to address the men who wanted him to reduce his speed. In a fit of road rage, he pulled out a concealed pistol and began gesturing angrily with it. At some point in his irate gun waving, the man accidentally pulled the trigger and fired… into his own groin.

Watching this story unfold in the news report (embedded above), I noted three important takeaways important for concealed carriers.

1. Guns and anger are a bad combination.

A concealed carry permit is not a “get out of jail free” card. Those who carry take upon themselves a massive responsibility. Therefore, the means to potentially end someone’s life, should a conflict escalate to mortal danger, should never be taken lightly. The Virginia man’s rash decision to act upon his “road rage” and draw his gun resulted in inflicting severe harm upon himself. However, his actions could have easily ended in greater tragedy; there were children playing only a few feet from where the man shot himself.

2. Carry as often as possible. You never know when you may need it.

The news report of this incident opens stating how these neighbors never thought they’d be “dealing with blood stains on their streets, and neighbors who wield guns near their kids.”  Living in a “nice neighborhood” is not a guarantee that no danger will ever befall you. Carrying whenever possible improves the odds that, should the worst happen and you find yourself, or your loved ones, in mortal danger, that you may be able to defend against that threat.

3. Trigger discipline is crucial.

I think it’s safe to say that the angry motorist did not intend to perform an impromptu auto-vasectomy. However, his negligent handling of a potentially dangerous tool had obvious negative consequences. Complacency can be just as dangerous. If you’re not prepared to shoot, get that finger out of the trigger guard and away from the trigger, because accidents happen, and not just to irresponsible road-raging concealed carriers.

Thankfully, no one but the road rage shooter was harmed. But, his story carries some important lessons for anyone who carries. Concealed carry is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. If you’re the type of person likely to fly off the handle and resort to violence to resolve conflicts, carrying a firearm may not be for you. Those who disregard the weight of carrying a potentially lethal tool may have serious consequences for their actions, morally as well as legally (and, in the case of the Virginia man, physically). But, for those who are willing to accept the responsibility of carrying a concealed firearm, carry whenever possible, because danger may present itself when you least expect it. And, always remember the basics of safe firearms handling, because a round fired can’t be taken back. Our Norfolk Road Rager has learned the hard way that negligent discharges can have very painful consequences.

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  • DouglasEM

    Obviously never recognized his responsibility of carrying a pistol.  He was a dumb-ass.  Don’t know what else I can say.

  • Honestly, this made me laugh. But frankly, had either of the two men who confronted No-Nuts been similarly armed, someone would likely be dead.

  • Txazz

    Had not seen anything about this before now.  Anyone that shows out with roadrage has a serious problem which surely manifests before he gets behind the wheel.  If he ever knew it he certainly forgot his gun safety that day.  Wonder what his followup will be.

    • JoeFabeetz

      Txazz I hadn’t heard about this until now, either.  Strange the liberal media wasn’t all over this one.

  • hartcreek

    Stupid people are everywhere……hopefully this road ragers stupid action has prevented him from having offfspring therefor cutting a big bunch of stupid out of the gene pool.

  • drmorris9

    It reflects badly on all of us when an idiot does idiotic things with a legally carried gun.  The result of this one supports a belief in karmic justice.

  • JoeFabeetz

    “impromptu auto-vasectomy”.   Good one.  🙂

  • I was talking to an CCW instructor this spring. So far, Ohio has only had three “non-justified” shootings from over 300K CCW licensees. Any time you hear about this kind of story, make a point to write to your local papers and say I’m a responsible CCW and that isn’t me. But make sure you have the facts, not the Martin/Zimmerman bull that was spewed.

  • People with a “hair trigger” temper shouldn’t have
    a access to a weapon of any kind but there’s no data base for adults prone to temper tantrums.  That statement may get me boo’ed but
    as a responsible gun owner and CCW license holder I believe it’s people like
    this guy that give the rest of us way too much bad press and ammo for the a gun
    grabbers. However… it this case Karma came to the rescue. Ouch. I hope it
    taught him a lesson but alas, probably not.

    • Stormchsr Thoroughly agree.

  • ThorDeSchane

    I don’t know if this is the right place to report a bug, but for some reason, after I hit the like button, I am prevented from sharing the article. The Facebook dialog box appears “underneath” the About the Author section, covering the share button.

  • GeorgeBlake

    I noticed that it did not say in the story that the man had a concealed carry permit. He probably didn’t considering his lack of control and obvious lack of training.

  • Shoot to hit

    Just goes to show that 21 years of existence in this world does not always bestow maturity and wisdom.  Too bad that the movement by the NRA to lower the minimal concealed carry age to 18 failed.

  • AussieWombat1

    One point worth noting – before this idiot pulled out his gun, he was in charge of a motor vehicle, which in itself is a lethal weapon.  Considering his apparent poor driving discipline and general lack of self-control, I doubt he should be allowed to drive, let alone carry a firearm.  For some reason we tend to focus on the danger of firearms and forget the 1000’s of people killed every year as a result of bad driving.

  • dwb1

    pointing a gun is aggravated assault. I hope there is a jail sentence at the end of the hospital stay.

    don’t point a gun at something you don’t intend to kill.

  • EricKmiecik

    If you are CCW license holder, you should have a chill mind and only pointing a gun if have a threat.

  • gunslinger6

    I live in south Florida, and with the 10,20, life laws they have in this state this D-bag would be looking at 20 years. For those who dot know what 10,20,life is; use a gun in a crime 10 years, firing a gun suing crime 20 years, and if you shoot some one even if its in pinky toe it’s life. I have my permit and I always carry, it is a huge responsibility and it must not be taken lightly. What this guy did he deserved to shoot himself. I am just glad he didn’t hurt someone else.

  • AlessioBaldi

    I’ve spent a huge part of my life on the streets, and “i’ve seen things you people wouldn’t belive” xD. 
    If there is a circumstance (or a place) where people come out with all their bad, well that’s in the traffic. 
    There are behaviorus, like highhandedness for example, that really hit my nerves. Having to cope with them over and over again, i was forced often to the breaking point. 
    The fact that a handfight can lead to the revocation of the gun license, and the requisition of all the firearms, has allways hold me from catching in dismounted fights. 
    A couple of times though, i’ve been forced to dismount, and i had to show a high degree of aggresiveness to descourage them to start a fight. Ive never showed up a gun, nor mentioned that i was armed during a road rage, because this can also lead to revocation and confiscation.

  • AlessioBaldi

    Speacking of the event of the article, i wander how the man could have shot himself in the groin. Maybe he was pointing the gun at himself in a gangsta fancy way? lol

    • JoeFabeetz

      AlessioBaldi He may have been re-holstering, appendix style…or just stupid, or both.  lol

      • JoeFabeetz AlessioBaldi  Agreed. Probably both with emphasis on stupid.

  • KineticFury

    I can see the new neighborhood signs now:
    Children At Play – Drive Safely*
    *Violators Will Be Shot in the Nuts
    Motivation by intimidation!

  • Mad_Dawg

    AussieWombat1 Tens of thousands, I would guess. Actually, considering how people are addicted to those cell phones, that’s multiple thousands for just that aspect of bad driving- and hundreds of thousands injured- every year and those numbers are growing.  I do agree that he probably should not be carrying concealed, nor should he be driving for that matter.

  • Mad_Dawg

    GeorgeBlake Some states, like the one I am in, does not require any training…. Honestly, some people don’t need additional training ( like ex-military, especially retired ex-military ); what I think needs to be taught instead is emotional self-control !

  • Mad_Dawg

    GeorgeBlake Some states, like the one I am in, does not require any training…. Honestly, some people don’t need additional training ( like ex-military, especially retired ex-military ); what I think needs to be taught instead is emotional self-control !

  • Mad_Dawg

    I see a lot of comments about his responsibility to carry, etc. I see it as a troubled individual that should have seen a shrink ( or doctor)  for his problems- because it’s far deeper than knowing how to act when concealed, or a lack of training on how to use a gun.  The guy really lacks self-control. Nope- he should not be carrying- let alone be driving- but he should be also seeking help from someone that can help him root out his issues.  Who knows- this might be a medical issue- where he’s taking blood pressure medicine and it’s messing with his mood (mood swings can happen with certain drugs- even simple drugs like blood pressure meds… )  Don’t get me wrong- he should be able to identify it, or hopefully someone points it out to him & does not get shot for it.  Should doctors know about you carrying ? Perhaps they should-so they can warn you ahead of time… Should it be annotated in your records ? Perhaps not.  Considering lots of doctors offices and hospitals are no weapons zones- they may not know- even though in some circumstances they should.   The pharmacist should be the second line of defense too- but who wants to hear the “counseling” from the pharmacist ?  Perhaps concealed carriers should OWN up and insist on counseling- every time  they pick up a drug prescription ?

  • GeorgeBlake

    Mad_Dawg GeorgeBlake I wasn’t specifically talking about training, just that it was not this man’s concern. I also commented that he might not have had a carry permit since the story didn’t say he did. I agree that there are many, many people who should not be carrying a weapon of any kind! Whether trained or not, this man obviously did not have emotional stability.

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