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Walther PPX – A New Polymer Doublestack 9mm for 2013

Walther PPX

This year, Walther unveiled a new pistol at SHOT Show 2013: the Walther PPX. It’s a hammer fired double stack pistol, chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W.

The design closely resembles the PPQ released two years prior. The sizes of both pistols are similar in dimension (the Walther PPX measures 7.3in long, 5.6in tall, and 1.3in wide compared to the PPQ’s 7.1in long by 5.3in tall, and 1.3in wide). Both models also carry 15+1 rounds of 9mm (PPX: 13+1 for .40, PPQ: 12+1).

The key difference between these Walther PPX and its precursor is the trigger. The PPQ was marketed as having a light pull (5.6lbs) with a short reset called the Quick Defense Trigger. The PPX has a double action only trigger; however, its double action is remarkable in how light the pull is: 6.2lbs.

According to Mark Thomas, Walther Arms’s Director of Marketing, the design goal behind the PPX is to provide an entry-level pistol option that was still a fully-featured (including accessory rail, bobbed hammer, front and rear cocking serrations, and a new American style ambi mag release) handgun. This rationale was in mind when determining the price point for the Walther PPX: ~$450 for the 9mm and ~$490 for the .40. If you don’t already own a polymer Walther, does that price point make the PPX a more attractive potential purchase?

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  • peter3101

    Looks like a nice gun, would like to handle it to see how it feels, I find the grips on some of their guns to be a bit thin for my taste.

    • FateofDestinee

      @peter3101 It seems to have some pretty decent ergos, but I have yet to fire one (didn’t get to their booth during Media Day).

  • ChrisDodich

    I have been looking for a 9MM handgun. Walther is on the short list along with Glock and Bersa. I was excited to see the Shot Show vidoe of the new offering from Walther. Price does matter and with a reputation like Walther’s it could be the tipping point. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    • FateofDestinee

      @ChrisDodich I’m definitely hoping I can get my hands on it for T&E. I’d love to see how it performs.

  • Ullr

    And here I thought the French made ugly looking guns.
    Aesthetics aside, Walther has a good reputation, and the PPX would be entering an already crowded entry-level market.  Looking forward to seeing how it performs compared to its competitors.

  • lt118436572

    “It’s a striker fired double stack pistol”
    In the Video he calls it hammer fired.  Which is it?

  • manongblogger

    Nice. I’m wondering if this is available outside U.S.A. I’m looking for an alternative to Glock and HS XD in 9mm

  • manongblogger

    Nice. I’m wondering if this is available outside U.S.A. I’m looking for an alternative to Glock and HS XD in 9mm

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