Published on January 22nd, 2013 | by Destinee (FateofDestinee)

iMarksman Dry Fire Training System

The iMarksman dry fire training system uses a device that, upon trigger pull, emits a laser. A sensor detects the laser’s position and communicates it to a software program that projects target images. Different software packages allow the trainee to project different scenarios or target styles, from stationary silhouettes (like the one I tested in the video above), to mock IDPA courses.

This particular setup runs in the neighborhood of $500. However, iSniper has several variations of iMarksman systems, including a law enforcement training package that goes for about $2500.

The system I tested seemed to have a bit of a lag, but I appreciate the option it affords me to dry fire train while still providing shot placement feedback. What do you think are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this style of simunitions training?

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  • NateGranzow

    Duck Hunt for Nintendo anyone?

    • FateofDestinee

      @NateGranzow lol only without that damn chuckling dog!

  • Muskrat

    Great way to practice scenarios that are not allowed on ranges.

    • FateofDestinee

      @Muskrat I think that would be a great application of this setup.

  • CK5150

    D-you shot way better than the sales rep!  Awesome.

    • FateofDestinee

      @CK5150 Aw, thank you. The model hooked up with the system closely resembled my M9, so it felt familiar to operate.

  • peter3101

    Looks like a lot of winter fun. Plus with the cost of ammo, when you can actually find some it would pay for its self in no time.

  • Whitten

    After having been in a shooting class at the beginning of this week that made use of electric and gas operated airsoft guns how would you stack this system up against training with a 1:1 replica of your daily carry weapon? 
    I was deeply skeptical about using airsoft as a training tool until I took this class.  Based on the 4 hours of instruction we recieved I found the accuracy of the weapons to be very good and was extremely impressed when we were on the range with just how real the usage, function, and feel was.  I guess what I am asking is, would someone be better served using this system or or maybe going the airsoft route?

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